Benefits of a Credit Card

Provide a range of discounts, especially in specific shops’ products

Access to financial loans from various banks

The possibility of providing financial payment using any type of currency, thus providing the card holder ease of access and ability to use any and all currencies

Enhance The Card Holder’s Financial Security; where you do not need to carry large sums of cash with you

Types of Credit Cards

Types of credit cards are divided into several types, and each type is characterized by the nature of its own use, and the most important of these types are:

Credit Card re-payment by 100%

Also known as the discount card, you can pay the used amount from the limit of the credit card in a certain period of time without paying interest on the amount otherwise when you delay in repayment that will cause you interest on the amount and delaying fees so the payment will increase according to the interest and fees.

Basically you have 1 month to charge on your Credit Card, and the bank would charge your account at the end of the month. If you fail to have sufficient funds in your account, the interest rate begins here, and your re-payment amount increases with easy passing month.

A credit card with a revolving limit

This type of card allows repeated access to funds, up to an approved credit limit. When you use a portion of your revolving credit line, you reduce the amount of your available credit, and typically increase the minimum payment required.

So long as you have an outstanding balance, you continue to make payments as required that can vary in size based on the amount you owe plus interest charges. Furthermore, you have the option to pay off the card sooner by paying more than the minimum amount, or to pay off the loan entirely at any time.

There are two kinds for Credit Cards and every kind has several types, All type for a card have its own feature and limits deferent from other type

  • Regular Master Card
  • Silver Master Card
  • Gold Master Card
  • World Master Card
  • Regular Master Card
  • Silver Master Card
  • Gold Visa Card
  • Platinum Visa Card