Frequently Asked Questions

The maximum amount for housing loan is up to 1000000 jds ,the maximum amount for car loan is up to 150000 jds and the maximum amount for personal loans are 100000 jds.
Sure you can apply for a personal loan because it’s a target market in the banks.
You can apply for a personal loan after you end your probation period and you can renew it every six months
First thing you should tell the banks that you quit and if you have a new job you should transfer your new salary to the bank and if you didn’t have a new job you should go to the bank to see how you will schedule your payments
We can’t receive money from any customer so you should pay in your bank .
If you pay additional payments for your loan the total interest on your loan will decrease and the remaining tenor for your loan will decrease .
Sure but the age for the used car must not be more than 10 years at the end of your loan and the age could change according to the bank polices
You can visit us to see the declining reasons and advice you how to solve it .
You will get your initial approval or rejection within 48 hours
Sure we have a specialists employees to give you a full details even if you want any advices for your loans
Sure you can get the best rate and the best conditions for your loans by applying with us .