Benefits of a Home Loan

The advantage of this type of loan is the Financing and low interest rates (Commercial) OR Murabaha rate (Islamic) compared to personal loans. In addition to the fact that the duration of this kind of higher than any other type of loan.

Types of Home Loan

Purchase ready built property

This loan is designed to achieve the client’s dreams of buying an apartment or a separate house, and according to specific credit terms based on the client's income as a value and a source.

Building /Expansion of an existing property

A loan which aims to achieve the client’s dreams of building on a plot of land they own or an expansion of an existing building. Also within specific credit terms that depend on the client’s income as a value and source.

Maintenance for a property

Is a loan which lets the client make the necessary maintenance for an apartment / home also owned within specific credit terms depend on the client as a value and income source.

Buy out loan

This type allows the client to transfer their obligations on a Home loan from one bank to another for the purpose of obtaining the best interest rate OR decreasing the monthly installment OR increasing the repayment period.